Chi E. Shenam Westin

"I paint landscapes in oil of the intermountain west, San Juan Islands, Oregon coast. I paint on canvas, Aluminum and gessoed wood panels. I try to capture the vast lands and big skies that frame OUR Land."
Boise, ID

Brian Reed

"I hand throw each piece from high fire clay. I glaze with my own custom food safe glazes. All hand done by me in my own studio in Snohomish, WA."
Everett, WA

Jerry Hill

"Traditional Haida style bear design with salmon in his eyes. Cut, formed, silver soldered copper sheet lined with hand curved frosted glass and wired for outdoor or indoor use."
Freeland, WA

Kasydy Elliot & Dave Elliott

"Soft sculpted cloth doll mounted on a wooden base. Face is created using needle sculpting, pencils and pens. Please stop by the booth to watch Kasydy work, creating faces for these adorable sculptures."
Marysville, WA

David Forster

"Printed on acid free canvas then stretched and gallery wrapped on to a heavy duty solid wood stretcher frame. "
Light Capture Photography
Marysville, WA

Emerging Artists

Ashley Olason will be displaying a few of her paintings in the Wine and Beer Room.

“My work consists of an exploration of patterns and textures in brilliant colors through a combination of paint and textiles. These abstract compositions combine techniques used in textiles as a launching point and end with a detailed angular branching overlay of paint, fabric or outdated maps.”


Café Rumba

June 26th

Peruvian cuisine is among the most varied and best in the world. It’s a reflection of its three main geographical zones, the coast, the Andean highlands and the jungle, and an incorporation of influences from different times and immigrant cultures. All our sandwiches are served a side of boiled and grilled potatoes topped with our spicy homemade Aji Escabeche sauce (a blend of fresh Peruvian peppers, herbs and mayonnaise).

Butifarra Sandwich

Slow roasted pork marinated with Peruvian Aji Panca and other spices, boiled and grilled yam, organic spring mix greens, topped with our “Salsa Criolla” (fresh red onions, Aji Limo, cilantro, fresh lime juice) and Aji Amarillo aioli.

Pollo Sandwich

Rotisserie Chicken, Romaine lettuce, dill pickles, shoestring potatoes topped with Huacatay Pesto*, Salsa Golf.

Peruano Sandwich

Grilled yams, roasted tomato, mozzarella cheese, fresh avocado, organic spinach, Huacatay Pesto, Aji Amarillo aioli.

* Huacatay Pesto

Huacatay (Peruvian Black Mint), almonds, feta cheese, bread crumbs, mayonnaise, sugar, salt, aji amarillo).


Chef’s Catch Culinaire

June 27th and 28th

A variety of local Northwest ingredients, prepared and presented with a flair of French, Italian, and American gourmet BBQ. Taking local flavors and transforming them to create a unique taste experience.

Bratwurst Sandwich

Pork bratwurst sausage, hoagie bun, chili onions, house made mustard, pickled mustard seeds, braised green cabbage, bacon jam, house made bbq chips.

Spanish Beef Brisket

Slow braised brisket, chimichurri relish, pineapple salsa, tequila sour cream and tortilla chips.

Smoked Salmon Plate

House smoked salmon, pickled radish, fennel confit, fried capers, frisee lettuce, watercress, arugula puree, sundried tomato vinaigrette.

Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho

Fresh heirloom tomato, cucumber mignonette, garlic, herbs, lime crème fraiche.

Curry Carrot Bisque

Mild curry and carrot cream, purple carrot chips, cilantro oil.

Kids Nachos

Fresh fried tortilla chips, house made cheese sauce.

Strawberry Lemonade

Fresh strawberries, basil, white balsamic, fresh squeezed lemons.