Pressure Washer Industry 2022 Emerging Trends and Trends Analysis


Pressure washers are a family of rotating disc-shaped hoses that are used for cleaning various surfaces, especially in hard and waterproof conditions. The main advantage of the pressure washers is their high effectiveness – the ability to clean all sorts of water based surfaces which somehow, damage with time and other environmental factors.

With technology improving the quality and efficiency of pressure washers, it is expected that the industry will become more popular in the future. This will not only be beneficial to consumers but also to businesses who use it. Businesses who wish to keep up with competitors like cleaning companies or rental facilities might have an advantage by using the best pressure washer models packaged with technological features guaranteeing reduced costs and increased efficiency.

The pressure washer market is expected to grow by 117% between 2014 and 2023 according to a research undertaken by Euromonitor International. This implies that over 5 million square feet (0.16 million square meters) worth of space will be required by 2023 which will create a significant demand for pressure washer manufacturers. The global sales of pressure washers have already grown at an annual rate of 27% between 2013 and 2018 with China and India expected to take the lead on projected sales.

Pressure Washer 2022 Trends Analysis – What are the Future Trends and Concerns?

Pressurized detergent are currently able to provide the highest quality cleaning properties and durability of cleaners. However, the technology that provides these is not cheap. Moreover, due to the need for water purifiers and pressure washers, it has been made a high priority for manufacturers worldwide to develop new technologies that are able to provide cost effective, efficient and durable cleaning systems. This is in addition to the fact that design features such as dimensionality considerations, capacity factors and assembly processes are all under development for improved performance in heavy-duty applications.

Pressurized detergents are also going to be the standard in the personal care industry. They are expected to be ubiquitous in all forms of cleaning such as household and industrial uses.

Pressurized High Pressure Detergent Technology is a type of new technology that allows achieving faster productivity through more efficient cleaning process. New technology will provide greater benefits to the customers, as they will be able to clean their environment without using chemicals or dangerous gases like CO2.

Pressure Washing Industry Outlook for 2022

Pressurized, durable and short-lasting detergents are in demand for cleaning, sanitizing and other industrial applications. According to the 2018 Global Market for Pressurized Detergents & Cleaners report by IHS Markit, pressurized products will have a strong growth from 2017 to 2024, with an estimated CAGR of 44 percent during 2017-2024.

With the growing demand, pressure washing industry is expected to grow at a robust rate during the forecast period. In addition to double digit growth rate driven by rising adoption of new technologies and innovations, there are also some business trends that will impact market during this period like increased competition from water-based detergents; as well as aging population that will affect consumption trend in developed countries.

Pressurized detergents are manufactured in the form of ‘grenade’ type of detergents. They not only clean and sanitize dirty surfaces but also rid them of harmful bacteria and germs. They are also effective in removing tough stains from surfaces like oil etc. In order to stay ahead of competition there needs to be continuous innovation in technology, which would require investment in new machines or better machinery especially where security is an issue.


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