Why Should You Consider Buying a Popsocket?


A pop socket is a circular piece of plastic with an adhesive backing that attaches to the back of a flat phone (or case). Twice pulled or “popped” out, the pop socket opens up into a small accordion shape. You can slip your fingers between the pop socket and the end of your phone, allowing for a more secure and comfortable grip.

If you walk down the street or visit a park or mall, you’re almost certain to see someone with a pop socket on their phone’s back. Marketing companies have jumped at using custom popsocket as an advertising tool.

Below are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a pop socket:

A Lasting Effective Giveaway

For $10 or more, you can buy a pop socket. Promotional pop sockets can be purchased for less than $5. if you buy in bulk, and they make excellent gifts and useful giveaways that have a branding impact. Those who don’t have a pop socket will use yours instead of purchasing one of their own. Because this is a useful item that people will use and enjoy, you can rest assured that your custom pop sockets will fulfill their marketing and practical purposes.

Pop Sockets Top Are Interchangeable

Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable having a slight bulge on the back of your phone all the time. Changing the position of pop sockets is a breeze.

Two distinct parts make up each pop socket: the PopGrip, the adhesive disc that adheres to your phone, and the PopTop, which features various designs. When you’ve had enough of the way it looks, just pop it off and put on something new. Remove the PopTop by pressing and twisting the pop socket. After that, line up a second PopTop with the PopGrip and tighten it with a twist.

Provides Better Grip

A pop socket primarily serves as an additional grip for larger smartphones, handy. A pop socket is a great solution if you frequently drop your phone or have trouble holding a large phone comfortably.

One-handed use of a pop socket is possible no matter how large your phone is. If you put two fingers on the grip, you’ll be able to hold your phone without fear of it falling. Using a phone’s pop socket allows you to hold your phone more securely while you are running your daily errands.

With a pop socket, holding your phone like a book is more comfortable. You don’t have to hold on to your phone all the time. You’ll also have faster access to your phone, ensuring that you’re always prepared to take pictures.

Are Pop Sockets Worth Buying For

Pop sockets may look odd at first, but there are a lot of great uses for them. Your phone’s pop socket becomes an essential part of the device with time. You won’t want to use a phone or tablet again if you don’t have one of these.

Pop sockets and their accompanying car mounts make it easy to attach your phone to your car’s dashboard. This enhances the grip’s convenience. The pop sockets are available in various designs, so you can be assured that there is one that will suit you best.


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