Tennis Skirts, Skirt Dresses, and Skorts for Women: Buying Tips


Tennis skorts and skirts are essential items for each player’s wardrobe. There is no longer any room for ambiguity. There is, in fact, an item of clothing known as a “skort,” a portmanteau term formed by fusing the words “short” and “skirt.” Which one should I get, a tennis skort or a tennis skirt?

Tennis Skirt Varieties

Said, there are two distinct styles of skorts available now. The first style is distinguished by an extra layer of cloth over the front and crotch, while the back is more like a standard pair of shorts. This cut is expected on swimsuit bottoms and in several more mainstream retailers.

Another variation of skorts looks like a skirt from the front and the rear. It’s shorts with a skirt or other fabric layer attached to the top. This cut is seen everywhere, from the classroom to the pool to the cheerleading squad.

Origins of Women’s Tennis Skirts

While women have been playing tennis for over 150 years, the idea of wearing a short skirt did not become popular until the 1920s. Before that, female tennis players were expected to dress conservatively and wear long skirts, sleeves, and caps.

Their skirt lengthening trend didn’t begin until after WWII. The sport of tennis did not see miniskirts until much later in the 1960s. Since then, tennis skirts have gotten shorter, whereas manufacturers in the 20th century began creating styles with built-in panties or shorts for players.

Pros and Cons of Skorts vs. Tennis Skirts

It would help if you grasped the distinction between tennis shorts and skirts to make an informed decision about which you choose to wear when playing your favorite sport. Skorts are distinguished from skirts primarily by their asymmetrical slits at the hem.

They get more excellent maneuverability and tactical options as a result. It’s disguised as a miniskirt, but the front flap reveals separate legs. Skorts are shorter than shorts but provide additional coverage in other ways.

How To Choose A Skort or Skirt

Today’s tennis skirts are considerably more stylish and practical than skorts were, but they still require careful consideration. Tennis skorts come in various fabrics and styles, each with its unique fit, waistline, and length.

In addition, tennis skorts are popular among women shoppers because they are used for various sports and outdoor activities in addition to tennis. Considering the size of the tennis skorts market, it is no surprise that the industry produces skorts in a wide range of styles and materials, leaving some women feeling overwhelmed by the options.

Tennis Skirt Pockets: What to Look For

According to Newberger, pockets are an essential component of tennis skirts. She explains that a tennis skirt should include pockets for storing balls and other items during games and social gatherings.

Custom Shorts

Because of the short length of most sexytennis skirts, Newberger recommends wearing undershorts under your dress if you’re going for an athletic look. These will prevent any embarrassing wardrobe mishaps from occurring.


As a last piece of advice, Newberger advocates picking an option that gives you room to play around with different looks. When shopping for a tennis skirt, it’s crucial to choose one that fits well and makes you feel fly, as you want to ensure that it flatters your figure and looks excellent both on and off the court.


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