Why You Should Use Concrete Stakes in Construction


Are you planning to erect a building? If so, you must have started gathering or saving up for your building materials. After all, there is a lot to purchase. From Aluminum and bricks to wood and cement. And of course, concrete.

Concrete! Isn’t that cement? If you thought so, then you are slightly off the mark. Although many have the wrong idea that both are the same and use the two terms together, concrete is different from cement.

So, what is concrete? Why is it essential? And why do you need concrete stakes for your foundation process? In this article, you’ll discover answers to all these questions.

What Concrete is

According to research, concretes are the second most widely-used substances around the globe with water taking its place as number one. Is that surprising? Well, not really.

After all, concrete is a substance essential to all building projects. The material gets its strength from its constituent ingredients, one of which is cement that hardens after a while. Because concrete is very strong, firm, and hard, it is incorporated in bridges, roads, pools, floors, fences, walls, and buildings (including commercial, industrial, and residential structures).

And what is more, it is the primary material used when making concrete blocks – another inevitable tool for your building process. So with all that said, you can clearly distinguish between cement and concrete. But is that all this second most-used material is for?

Well, thanks to the strong quality of concrete, it is not only used for buildings but also for the foundation of those buildings. When using Concrete in Foundation, another material is essential – Stakes.

Why You Should Use Concrete Stakes in Foundation

As the name shows, concrete stakes refer to strong poles or posts (usually made from metal or wood) that consist of one sharp end. Constructors place those ends deep into the ground. Why?

Because they have to keep form boards (boards that help mold concrete to shape. Usually comes in timber or plywood form) steady while pouring concrete during a building’s foundation. And concrete stakes are the most effective tool for that task.

After giving the concrete a minimum of two days to dry, you can remove the boards. By then, your concrete will be strongly formed, and you can also remove the stakes using a puller. By using concrete stakes, you can guarantee a solid foundation for your building.

Wrapping Up

The importance of concrete and its stakes can’t be emphasized enough. After all, as seen throughout this article, they are crucial for a building to hold up. And there is almost a ninety percent chance that they were used in making the building you are in now.

So when preparing for building, you have to carefully calculate all the substances needed. From ceramics, glass, and plastic to simple materials like water and sand, each building material plays a vital role in your building’s strength. And for your foundation, don’t forget to calculate the costs of form boards, concrete, and concrete stakes.


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