What Are LED Tube Fixtures?


LED tube fixtures are like tube lights, but they do not have ballast. The ballast provides transient voltage to the lamp or any light to turn it on. However, LED tube fixtures do not require ballasts, and they can instead work efficiently without them. The best thing about LED tube fixtures is that you can use these on any socket as long as the LED is of the same size and shape. These tube fixtures are ideal for warehouses or any place that requires a lot of lighting. Led tube fixtures have a long life span and are energy-saving as well. Led tube fixtures are lighting specialists.

Things to keep in mind when fixing LED tube fixtures

LED tube fixtures can be fixed on any mounting switch; however, the size and shape of it should be kept in mind as LED tube fixtures need to be adequately adjusted for their work. Their wattage should be the same. It must not be higher than the light. LED tube fixtures are best for dry and damp environments. It has the top-notch quality and can last for up to 10 years. LED tube fixtures are 4 feet; however, some have the capacity of four lights in them, and others have the ability to withhold six lights. These tube fixtures are easy to install and do not require much effort.

Advantages of LED tube fixtures

LED tube fixtures surpass other fluorescent lights as they do not require any ballast with them. Ballast often fuses and requires replacements which can be a nuisance. Hence LED tube fixtures are ballast-free, saving you time and money. These LED tube fixtures are used on a commercial scale as well as on domestic scales. These are used in hospitals, schools, offices, garages, and almost everywhere around you. LED tube fixtures regulate power in themselves to illuminate the light.

How LED light differ from fluorescent lights?

LED tube fixtures are an innovation to fluorescent light. Fluorescent lights were used for several years until LED light was introduced. And now, almost everyone has shifted to LED lights because of their vast advantages. The prime benefit of LED light is that it is not only economical, but it is also environment-friendly, saving both your money as wells as protecting your environment. LED lights do not heat up even after working for hours, unlike fluorescent lights heat up quickly and even give off heat to the surroundings. Even your AC can function better in the presence of LED lights. Fluorescent lights drain energy and are too bright for the eyes. On the other side, LED lights do not hurt your eyes even if you work for hours beneath them. It will save you from eye strain. Led lights do not emit UV radiations or use mercury in them; however fluorescent lights do. These lights do not dull with time and have worked efficiently and effectively for years. Now you work effectively without eye strain, worrying about the cost or polluting your environment.


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